Speed & Agility Planner V1.0


Are you a Strength & Conditioning or Sports Performance Coach who works with speed and power athletes? Regardless of how you currently plan the workouts…

The Speed & Agility Planner is the answer to planning, designing and delivering the  ultimate workout or session. Complete with seven databases and 350 in-built exercises, you will no longer have to ‘re-invent the wheel’ when designing your athlete workouts… You just need to deliver them.

Tailor the structure of your session based around 6 key areas: Speed, Agility (COD), Plyometrics, Medicine Ball Work, Core Work and Mobility, which are all completely modifiable, plus you can also add exercises for your own individualization. The planner can be used as your ‘session plan’ while delivering your workout, as well as using the ‘session description’ tool for sending sessions to online clients.

*Windows based – incompatible with Mac software/hardware.

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