Analyze Training Data

The track and field planner is a great comprehensive tool for coaches. It’s a very easy way to stay organized and be able to analyze workouts, performances, and trends within your training program. The planner combines easy to understand graphs, the ability to compare weeks in training as well as… Read more “Analyze Training Data”

Earl Graves
University of Mount Olive

Simple & Accurate Training Organization

track and field training

For years people have been looking for a simple yet in depth way to organize their training. Dylan has put together a solution that will keep things clear and enhance training through accurately laying out what must be done in a conditioning session. For the price nothing beats this… Read more “Simple & Accurate Training Organization”

Ryan Banta
Parkway Central High School

Simplify Your Planning

To all Athletic coaches I’ve been using the Track an Field Planner Designed by Dylan Hicks.I highly recommend getting this to simplify your training programs. I’ve been using it myself for the last month and it has made it so much easier , having everything on hand in one program.… Read more “Simplify Your Planning”

Peter Burdett
Grange Track Squad

Track Performances

track and field coaching

The Sprint & Tempo Profile is a great little software that allows us to plan, prepare and strategize weekly intensities for each top speed and tempo/speed endurance workouts. As well as track their performances across the season. It also gives transparency to our athletes in helping them to understand what… Read more “Track Performances”

Greg Smith

Coaching Aid

track and field coaching software

I am a Head Track and XC coach of a large school in the hotbed of Speed of Sunny South Florida. I’m always looking for ways to help make my job as a coach easier, this planner is like having another assistant coach. I use it primarily for my sprint… Read more “Coaching Aid”

Joshua Fulton
Fort Laurderdale High School

Individualized Approach

track and field software

Delighted to be using the Track and field planner designed by @DylHicks to help move my athletes forward with correct measures. His template allows you to input your data and deliver carefully designed individualized trainings that allows all your athletes develop… Read more “Individualized Approach”

Michael Boyhan
Mountrath, Ireland

Efficient Administration

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Track and Field planner has simplified my coaching administration by combing database, programming and performance progress. The easy to use applications have improved my ability to analyze and store data under individual athlete profile and left me more time to improve my coaching skills. Track and Field planner is the… Read more “Efficient Administration”

Brett Robinson
Viking Athletics

Intuitive Tool

track and field planning

Track & Field Planner has been a very useful tool in that it helps me, in a very short time and in a very intuitive way, to generate reports on the indicators that I usually monitor to characterize the progression and effect of the training of each athlete. I have… Read more “Intuitive Tool”

Rui Pires

Program and store individualized programs

The track and field planner is a valuable tool for all coaches. The ability to accurately plan and monitor training loads for athletes is vitally important to their health and performance. The track and field planner allows you to program and store individualized programs and loading for each athlete and provides… Read more “Program and store individualized programs”

Lloyd Knight
St Catherine’s School